Natural grinding stones

jump into the past

The milling installation is made of two grinding stones dating back to 1929 which have been restored and brought back to their original splendour. The rest: cleaner and  plansichter were built by the company Visentin Antenore from Treviso. Modern part tightly connected to the our entire project.

The wheat harvested in our fields is stored in glass fibre silos guaranteeing an optimal conservation due to the chain-transportation installation which allows to move and ventilate it.

From the silos it is brought inside the building where it enters the combined cleaner which has the task to separate the dust and different grain of small dimension, separate foreign substance and eventual metal items, comb the grain to remove dust and excoriate the grain to reduce bacteria and mould.

From here, the clean grain goes through a screw conveyor into a mixer/humidifier which adds the water necessary to make the grain soft and allow a better separation of bran  from flour.

From the humidifier to the grinding stone: the real gem of the entire installation. Found by pure accident on the web in a small village in the Province of Pescara. It was closed in an old annex and was, maybe, waiting for us.

It was love at first sight and the day after having found it we were on the spot to demount it and take it with us. A complicated operation, tiring and maybe also risky. The question that roamed in our minds was: will it come back to function? That day, a long journey of restoration and mechanization started and gave us an optimal result.

The moment of making it function arrived and thanks to a dear friend of ours, a miller, we could hear the sound of the stones touching each other while milling the grain: a real emotion!

The milled product (gross flour) is transported on a pneumatic chain to the Plansichter: a machine made of a series of strainers which separate the flour from semolina and bran.

All those operations take place in absolute absence of dust in the surrounding environ due to filters (cyclones) which collect the dust and conduct it out of the building.

The flour obtained from this machinery is of “type 1” and we use it to create all our products. It is a flour which contains grain germs and is particularly rich in fibre, of an ancient flavour, fragrant and very, very nutrient.

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