Welcome where grains

become bread

We are in Cantalupo, between Bevagna and Cannara, in the fertile plains between the two towns of green Umbria. In a farming annex, entirely built in the style of the turning between the 18th and 19th century, you'll find “GRANARIUM: where grains become bread”. It's really like that: grain seeds become bread.

In this company you will find the entire transformation process of cereals: the wheat produced by the company is stored in external silos in glass fiber for nutritional purpose where the only conservation method consists of movement and ventilation; it is then brought inside to be milled with natural grinding stones, flour is extracted and, yeast added and bread made. The bread is then baked in a wood burning oven and sold in our small but gracious shop. Our mission is offering the final consumer a product of highest quality, unique due to the absolute transparent phases of its production.

This is the first project in Umbria where a farmer with a very modest farm produces and sells bread made if his own grain. We wait for all of you, we're open every day including Sundays, to taste fragrance and flavor of the bread our grandparents used to make at home.

GRANARIUM: it is also a didactic farm: upon booking, possibility to organize guided visits where you can follow every single phase of processing up to the final product: not only bread but also ancient “spianate” (flat dough forms) with tomato pieces, rosemary, onion, traditional seasonal sweets and cakes and many other delicacies...

We'll welcome you in our sales points with family warmth, we'll magically take you back in time and once you leave GRANARIUM, you won't leave with a simple bread loaf... inside yourselves you will have evoked an association of fragrances, flavors and memories you had forgotten about.

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